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Stage & Cabaret

After dinner magic, 'stand-up magic', or 'cabaret magic' is ideal for entertaining groups ranging in size from just 20 people up to 400 or 500 guests and more depending on venue and event.

Whatever your requirements are from stand up cabaret magic in clubs, hotels to stage magic etc. Dave is able to provide a variety of routines to suit your individual needs.
Routines performed from the classics in magic such as the mysterious linking rings, producing billiard balls from the air to illusions such as the classic floating ball / table are just some of the magical feats that Dave performs.

To the world of the Mentalist watch with astonishment and disbelief as Dave unravels a series of predictions within his Mentalist act. Watch the disbelief in the spectators face as Dave unravels some of the hidden secrets in their mind only!




Dave regularly works as a London Magician, Midlands Magician, Birmingham Magician, Coventry Magician, Derby Magician, Leicester Magician, Northampton Magician, Nottingham Magician, Stoke on Trent Magician. He also works throughout the UK.

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